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New Music// Virals

Name: Virals
Based: Worcestershire, UK
ListenListen to the ‘Magic Happens/ Coming Up With The Sun’ 7″, released through Sexbeat
Similar toWavves, Gross Magic

Everybody loves Virals, right? Not those irritating videos of bearded women falling down the stairs whilst rapping 1980’s Hip-Hop tracks, but Shaun Hencher’s new side project. Having already gained a load of experience from sticking his fingers into a range of different pies, most notably his former band Lovvers, Hencher has moved on to create a solo project, in which instrumental and vocal duties are taken on by the man himself, except for the percussion element.

Hailing from Worcestershire, Virals has already released a couple of singles, each embracing a 1970’s punk feel, as was presented to him in the strangest of dreams, featuring a band called “Virals,” but underneath the garage rock guitars, a fundamental dose of Britpop sensibility is omnipresent. Whilst tracks such as ‘Magic Happens’ and ‘Coming Up With The Sun’ incorporate distinctively upbeat notions of sundrenched glee. Leading us to question, just what will be next in line for Shaun Hencher?

Jonathan Hatchman

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