Album Review// Crocodiles – Endless Flowers

Since their formation back in 2009, the San Diego outfit have been making waves upon the shores of this side of the Atlantic, as well as gaining a cult following in their native USA, all thanks to the explosive renown and appreciation for all things lo-fi. Covering sounds from the shoegaze guitars and reverb drenched vocals of Jesus and The Mary Chain, right back to the punk energy of The Ramones, whilst going way back and citing influence from the pop sensibility of 1960’s girl groups such as The Crystals.

Bursting straight into their latest offering, the title track to the album, with a flanging guitar that builds into a layered array of sound, intertwining with Brandon Welchez’s hazy notion of Americana driven vocals, it’s quickly followed by the lead single – Sunday (Psychic Conversation #9). And as if these two tracks don’t already prove that Endless Flowers will turn out to be a great album, then whoever knows what will? Making room for the swooning lyrical beauty of the band at their most romantic and enticing No Black Clouds For Dee Dee, as well as the trippy sludge-athon of epic proportions that is My Surfing Lucifer, in which the title manages to say it all. Top these off with a few more typical Crocodiles tracks and you’re left with the final product of Endless Flowers.

Although it doesn’t quite strive to top their previous effort, Sleep Forever, the band do manage to fuzz their way through an exciting LP of experimental lo-fi, fuelled by the centre ground between shoegaze insouciance and punk raucousness. With the release set to tie in nicely with the Jubilee bank holiday, Endless Flowers is setting us up for the summer in an exciting and invigourating fashion.

Jonathan Hatchman.

Photo: Jonathan Hatchman.

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