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New Music// Torches

Name: Torches
Based: London, UK
Similar to: The Cure

London-based quintet Torches are currently gearing up to release a new single. Following earlier glimpses of their neo-noir bliss throughout the internet, including a cover of Crushed Beaks’ ‘Close Ups’as well as a handful of earlier tracks, it was their single ‘VTOO’ that really opened eyes to the band.

However, their new single showcases something that is very special indeed, incorporating Charlie Drinkwater’s baritone vocals with crunching guitars and primal beats to provide a back drop of texturised instrumentation. All in all it’s vaguely reminiscent of the sounds produced by acts such as Editors and White Lies, having gone on to flit between the indie world and the mainstream, gaining a reputation of alternative darkness, following that of The Cure or even Joy Division at a push. But Torches don’t quite fit into that strata, they seem predestined to follow in the footsteps of acts such as The National and achieve a glorious cult status as time goes by.

‘Sky Blue & Ivory’ will be released on July 23rd through Fractions of One Recordings.

Jonathan Hatchman

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