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There has been a fair deal of buzz surrounding sister acts, as of recent; surrounding the rise of First Aid Kid, 2:54 and The Breeders, to name but a fraction of the selection. But perhaps the most refreshing and exciting of the pack is Bleach, from California. Picture this: if The Ramones had formed in the 21st Century and were fronted by Courtney Love or Beth Consentino. Or even closer, if the guys from The Vaccines moved to LA, produced an album of tracks such as Wreckin’ Bar and Norgaard, as well as their favoured B-sides, then went on to each have a sex change. If your mind can take all of that in, then you will be left with an image that comes strikingly close to Bleached.

Created by sisters – Jessica and Jennifer Clavin, formerly of the gritty punk outfit Mika Miko, but now they have channelled that ferocious punk energy into a project that produces noisy surf-pop, that comes with a simplistic element of lo-fi insouciance. A style that would be fairly filed next to bands such as Wavves, Bleeding Knees Club, Best Coast and Dum Dum Girls to name a mere few. Equipping sludgy guitar riffs with a hint of pop sensibility and soaring vocal harmonies.

Taking this into account, the band made their way over to the shores of the United Kingdom to play their first ever UK gig, last night. Descending upon the former East-End Rastafarian hotspot: The Shacklewell Arms, selling out and playing to a considerable crowd, packed out to the rafters. Premiering a selection of their previous single releases to a new crowd in a foreign land, providing a slice of 21st Century punk history in the making.

Bleached have an album release in the pipeline, so watch this space for another hefty dose of Bleached’s sun- soaked sounds.

Jonathan Hatchman

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