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New Music// Milk Maid

On the surface, Milk Maid may seem a little like, “just another lo-fi band”. But if you delve slightly deeper, you will find that the statement isn’t quite so true. You may remember Martin Cohen from his former band, Nine Black Alps. But after they slowly died out, Cohen moved on to record a handful of songs in his Manchester dwellings. Taking on frontman duties for the first time, having primarily built his career as a bassist, then going on to recruit some more members to form Milk Maid. Then after the band sustained a great 2011, seeing the release of their debut Yucca as well as relentless touring, when some acts would use the aftermath to rest, Cohen and Co. have finished their second LP – Mostly No, which will be released in July.

The album is similar to Yucca in the sense that Cohen’s self branded element of “Libertarian Folk Metal” is still ever present, as opener Dopamine immediately takes off, leading into Do Right, a track that has been kicking around on the band’s Soundcloud page since the start, but has now been spruced up to incorporate another level of gritty fuzz rock, as Cohen’s vocals proverbially drip with remnants of reverb. Yet, the fuzziness is not the only element that dominates the band’s sound. Instead, the lads combine textures of lo-fi driven, laid back punk guitars – equipped with a pop sensibility. Leading them to sound like either The Beach Boys on acid, or a stripped back, 21st century version of The Ramones. All in all, it’s pretty special for a modern day noise-pop act to apply progressive touches to their sound, making it different and essentially; much better.

Although Mostly No contains less instant stand out tracks than it’s predecessor, the acoustic numbers such as No Good – fitting in amongst the masses do a fine job of making up for it.

Jonathan Hatchman.

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