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New Music// Sulk

All hailing from different parts of the globe, SULK are the revival of a better time that we’ve all been waiting for, having already witnessed the recent reunion announcement of so many Britpop/Madchester bands including: Blur, The Stone Roses, Happy Mondays and Dodgy.

SULK have a selection of tracks already in their ever growing catalogue, full of wispy sun-drenched vocals and soaring arpeggiated guitar fills, present on both: latest single Back in Bloom and their debut – Wishes.

However, it is the band’s live outings that present their true virtuous charms, in which older recordings from their pre name change and the improvement of their live sets. Including great tracks such as Flowers andSleeping Beauty and if you’re really lucky you might get to witness a performance of their track Umbrella Folds, taken from the Tour De Force EP.

Their debut album is nearly ready and their baggy essence will make you feel as though the 90’s never ended.

Jonathan Hatchman

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