O Viva Brother, Where Art Thou?

There are two things that we have learnt about Viva Brother’s former frontman, Lee Newell: one thing is that he is undoubtedly Lee Newell’s biggest fan, and secondly there is the fact that he is stuck in a time capsule that surrounds the 1990’s. So the fact that Viva Brother decided to come back so quickly was no real surprise, however, the remodelling of their style has come as a bit of a shock. Indeed, there has been a bit of an underground revival of the 1990s’ Britpop scene, which has been embraced with open arms by the majority – but this doesn’t necessarily mean that a resurgence of the disposable pop that followed would be quite so accepted. But since when have Viva Brother been seen as conformists?

And as is shown by the band’s recent antics they do seem to have restyled themselves as Love Life and taken a bit of a turn for the worst. Having shelved their brand of cocky “gritpop” to encompass an element of cheesy synth led pop that saw out the 20th century, with comparisons having already been drawn to 5ive and Yazoo. So let’s just wait and see if any other bands jump on to the band-wagon of styling themselves on the pre-millenia pop of yesteryear. Following this brave feat and the popular reunions of acts such as Steps, which will evidently be followed by a whole range of curtain fringed pretty boys that faded and ended up with employments on supermarket check-outs.

So let’s see how it goes, will Love Life be a success? Just as long as Britpop legends such as Blur and Noel Gallagher don’t start throwing covers of Mysterious Girl or Bee-Gees tracks in to their set.


Jonathan Hatchman

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