The Sound Of The Police

Recent increases of violent crime in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire has led to Thames Valley Police looking to find new ways to prevent crime. So in a bid to prevent the high number of violent crimes that are committed in their areas of Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire – there has been an incredibly unlikely and unforeseen hook up with a bunch of budding MCs. Those who have been commissioned to write and produce a grime single, in order to prevent these crimes. And with the help of DJ LoMotes, this has come to be – the single is now available and even has a video, filmed in High Wycombe, to accompany it.

A strategic move, having been premiered on the anniversary of last year’s riots, but it’s hardly the new iLL Manors. In fairness, the track does have a commendably noble intention, but is it really going to be the sort of thing that will be blared out of phones whilst riding the bus. Or will it play the part of sound-tracking the summer for the hooded youths that crowd themselves upon forecourts of dewlapped council estates? Probably not.

From what was attempted to be a fresh, innovative scheme, has resulted in a crescendo of cheesy lyrics and a backing track that doesn’t fit the song. Indeed, it was a fair try – it’s probably fair to say that the protagonists of this story probably wont go on to become “barristers.”

Here’s the official video to the track… 


Jonathan Hatchman

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