WB Gig Review// Crocodiles


Location: Royal Princess Cruise Liner

Date: 7th June 2012


It’s quite often that band’s host album release parties, with settings varying from the swankiest of hotels to the most fetid venues that the world has to offer, hidden within the back streets of murky, run down towns. However, it is not too often that these events take place upon a boat, floating back and forth along the Thames. But since when have Crocodiles been conformists?

Falling on the 25th anniversary of The Sex Pistols’ boat party to tie in with the Queen’s silver jubilee, so what better way to celebrate the anniversary with a lo-fi laden vessel filled with attitude and guitar riffs? Frankly, we can’t think of any better way for the San Diego scuzzers to showcase their third LP – Endless Flowers. Taking to the make do stage, cordoned off with instrument cables, the band fuzzed their way through a glorious set of new tracks as well as gems from their first two albums. Frequently falling into the crowd as the boat turned or came to a halt, yet still managing to battle the setting and play on. Right through to the finale of crowd participation inciting I Wanna Kill.

Providing an album launch show to go down in history and be remembered for all time as what is quite possibly the best album launch party the world has ever seen. So here’s what the other shipmates thought of the show…

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