WB Gig Review// Slam Dunk South


It seems like just a couple of weeks ago that we witnessed one of The King Blues’ final UK shows in this very venue. Thus making it an even bigger disappointment to find that they would no longer be playing, due to their split.

But as the sun is shining and the Olympics are drawing ever closer – we mustn’t forget about the festival season. Whilst the Camden Crawl and Great Escape are long gone, it’s time for Slam dunk to take the stage.  Held over two days (both South and North) it showcases some of the finest punk acts music has to offer.

So imagine yourself, stranded within a crowd of snapbacks, tattoos, and brawny metal men and women. Stepping out onto the university campus ready to throw themselves into the student pubs and clubs with copious amounts of Jagermeister and burgers, between throwing themselves around and at each other during the bands’ sets.

Of course they manage to catch bands such as Leamington’s finest band named after a vicious sea creature – Sharks. As they power through a short set of tracks from their debut album No Gods. Whipping up a huge crowd that left the arena nearly as quickly as the band themselves, when finished. The same can be said for Don Broco, as a dual tier crowd was formed by masses of shoulder standing – clearly lapping up their pop-punk tracks, providing a taster from their forthcoming debut LP.

But moving on to some heavier music. A lot heavier. As showcased by Cancer Bats. The hardcore favourites managed to brew up a storm as they thrashed through a brutal selection of old and new. Bringing us on to The Blackout: gaining a rapid response of hardcore fandom to accompany the purple haze of a sunset.  The night leads onto the show’s headliners, Taking Back Sunday: providing the ultimate finale to SDS2012…

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