WB Gig Review// Tribes


Bands: Tribes, Sharks, The Brute Chorus

Location: O2 Shepherds Bush Empire, London

Date: 27th April


Just half way through their current UK tour, Tribes made their way back to London to provide the crowd at Shepherds Bush’s O2 Empire with an insight into their majestic debut album – Baby.

With support coming from The Brute Chorus and Sharks, the venue and stage were warmed up nicely with a variation of Southern-Rock AND vengeful punk, leaving Tribes to grace us with a reasonably short set. In fairness, their album was pretty good, yet tonight’s set did lack a certain depth. Maybe it was the lack of crowd interaction, or perhaps the sheer fact that the set lacked some of the band’s most energetic tracks. Despite this, the gig will have appealed to those who lovea bitof grunge balladry. Singles suchCorner of an English Field and We Were Children hit just as hard as they do on the album…

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