The Whiteboard Project

Interview// Why?


“Then I won’t stop until I’m satisfied with my answers!” Blares Yoni Wolf, from the corner of an East-End hotel, upon hearing that his slot is the day’s final interview for Team Whiteboard and that he only has one minute to draw a self-portrait (something we’ll come to later). He was joking, of course, and it did only take him sixty-four seconds to create his self-resembling masterpiece.

The frontman of Why? – the act that’s audial territory covers a range that flits between Hip Hop and Indie, is just gearing up for next week’s release of the Sod In The Seed EP (August 13th) which will be followed by another LP, Mumps, etc; in October. Set to be released in Europe through City Slang, coinciding with a UK tour. But for now, the main focus is on the fast approaching EP release – having already received a slew of positive reviews – so we decided to catch up with the man himself: taking our whiteboards along to the meeting, leaving Wolf to answer his appointed questions using just the whiteboard and a selection of marker pens, before allowing us to take some shots.

Here’s how he got on:

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