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Single// Snoop Lion – La La La

Having burst on to the scene in 1993, proclaiming his name to the whole world – Snoop Doggy Dogg, then later dropping “Doggy” and styling himself as Snoop Dogg. Carrying him through the majority of his career – however – recent news has shown that after a trip to Jamaica to find himself, he has completely re-styled himself as Snoop Lion. Converting his beliefs to Rastafarian and pledging to start a charity that will help the poor people of Jamaica. Now who saw that coming?

And what’s more, his music has dramatically changed from Hip-Hop to Reggae, as first purveyed through his new track La La La, which is now available on Itunes, and was produced by Major Lazer, and what’s even better is that Snoop actually sings on the track! While he doesn’t have the best voice in the world, it makes a subtle change from rapping, right?

Jonathan Hatchman.

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