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New Music// Unicorn Kid

From the tender age of sixteen, Oliver Sabin, better known as Unicorn Kid has been flushing waves unto the shore of the music scene since 2007. And now with a number of releases and commendable collaborations on his side, Unicorn Kid has even managed to clamber his way on to the radio and is set to release a new single, ‘Need U’ (watch the video below) in October.

The track comprises an overwhelming intent of electronica, sounding as though hailing from the other side of the continent, as the walls of racing synthesisers build they swerve ferociously and intertwine, providing instant texture to the track. Aptly fitting the face-on music video that portrays a washed-out Unicorn Kid parading round the sordid streets of Soho’s China Town. So following the chart topping release of ‘Pure Space’ and a handful of triumphant remixes, it doesn’t take a genius to realise that dance music is re-gaining its credentials, while the future seems affirmative for Edinburgh’s Unicorn Kid.

Jonathan Hatchman

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