This Is Fake DIY

Single// Crocodiles – Bubblegum Trash

Having set out on a voyage along the Thames with guitars in hand to celebrate the release of their third studio album and the 25th anniversary of The Sex Pistols’ similar display of chaos, in aid of our Queen’s jubilee. Followed by another London performance that saw Paul Cooke play on drums, there aren’t many bands that pay homage to traditional punk in the way that San Diego’s Crocodiles do. On record, however, the band are much more of a scuzzy lo-fi band, intertwined with archetypal elements of 1950’s Rock ‘N’ Roll and the pop sensibility of Phil Spector’s 1960’s girl groups: the latter of which surfaced the term ‘Bubblegum Trash,’ a derogatory term used within a review of the band’s sophomore album. A term that has seemingly stuck with the band that will release the track next month: with the fuzzy guitars and sensuous vocals, just one listen to the track and their latest album proves that Crocodiles are far from trash.

Jonathan Hatchman

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