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Live Review// Foals @ Concorde 2, Brighton

“I didn’t draw any blood, did I?” queries frontman Yannis Philippakis after launching himself, face first, into the sold out show’s crowd – equipped with his guitar. And believe it or not, this wasn’t the only time that the band’s daredevil antics paved the way for an even more exhilarating showcase.

As for the music, Foals are gearing up to release their third full-length LP, in February; the follow-up to both their sophomore effort – ‘Total Life Forever’ and their recent mix-tape, simply titled ‘Tapes’. However, opposed to expectations, the majority of the show’s set list is formed of material from the band’s first two albums, save their recently premiered ‘My Number’ and stampeding new single ‘Inhaler’.

Incorporating a funk driven groove intertwined with a hard-rocking power chord break down, they manage to whip the overwrought crowd into an atmospheric frenzy. Then, there’s fan favourites ‘Total Life Forever’, ‘Two Steps Twice’ and the acrobatics-inciting ‘Red Sox Pugie’, which provokes Phillippakis to somersault into the crowd, once again, easily proving just why Foals are one of this generation’s finest, and most electrifying, live bands.

Foals played:

Blue Blood
My Number
Olympic Airways
Total Life Forever
Spanish Sahara
Red Sox Pugie
Electric Bloom
Two Steps Twice

Jonathan Hatchman

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