The Whiteboard Project

Interview// Thenewno2

Having only played their first London show together, on the night before, following the release of their highly lauded debut album – thefearofmissingout, we headed over to a west-end hotel to meet up with Dhani Harrison (yes George’s son) and his band thenewno2. Introducing them to an exciting format of answering the questions thrown at them with just a whiteboard and pen. So discussing the night before, the brand new album, released through Cooking Vinyl and their time in London, amongst other things. Here’s how they got on.

To start with, please introduce yourselves, using the whiteboard.

You played your first London show last night, how did that go?

What’s your favourite thing about being in London?

And you’ve just released your debut album, so draw a formula of what went into the writing process.

Draw your favourite track from the album.

Where do you see yourselves in five years time?

If you could arrange your dream show, where thenewno2 played second on the bill, who would open for you and who would headline?

Then finally, do you have a message for your fans?

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Interview & Photography by Jonathan Hatchman

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