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It’s been prophesised that the 1990’s will be back, with a bang, in 2013, so for our first profile of the year, we’re focussing on Peckham’s Blackeye. Veering away from the post-baggy movement that has been dwelling for the past three years, with bands such as The Horrors, SULK and Born Blonde, and trailing towards an embodiment of alt-rock, all centred around the female lead singer’s vocals. Led by Chloe Little, Blackeye have recently unleashed their single Spin to a host of generous praises and comparisons to past masters such as Elastica, Garbage and Sonic Youth: while their punchy crescendo of bright eyed garage punk sound comprised of punchy guitar riffs and devil-may-care vocals resemble acts such as Hole and No Doubt, adding to the everlasting list of 1990’s band comparisons.

However, Blackeye aren’t as stuck in the past as it may seem. There’s a definite market for a return to the tail end of the 20th century, as 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of decade defining albums such as Blur’sModern Life Is Rubbish and Suede’s eponymous debut. So why shouldn’t such greats be remembered and paid tribute to, two decades down the line?

Jonathan Hatchman

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