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Interview// Swim Deep


“I’m glad that there’s plenty of bands stepping up, as they know they’ll get far more attention than any other band in the country, right now. And that’s not a bad thing at all; I think it’s really good.” Swim Deep’s Austin Williams is explaining the local snowballing success of his local scene in Birmingham, or B-Town as the Midlands city has been recently renamed. Over the last year, his band have been taking their home town by storm with their brand of melancholy alt-pop. But Swim Deep’s array of approval hasn’t just been geographic, reaching out to fans across the globe, playing a fundamental part in the revival of guitar music.

Last time we spoke to Swim Deep, they were joking about the resurgence of the historic musical category, bringing fresh faced reality show heroes – One Direction – in to the equation. Justifying the statement of: “Guitar music isn’t dead, One Direction are smashing it,” and going on to explain that “people don’t really know what guitar music is, anymore. I think it has become more of a movement: more of a clothing issue.” Bringing up one of the world’s most well known and loved guitar bands to add another layer of strength to his belief: “I guess it’s getting old, like The Rolling Stones were the ladies’ band, but most people wouldn’t want to go and see them now because it’s not the same is it? There’s not the same people in the crowd, there’s not the same feeling about it. So I don’t really think that anybody can recreate those things.”

Maybe not, but with the way that the world is moving, Swim Deep’s fan base is rapidly increasing, having just finished a tour with Spector, topping 100,000 hits on the video to their latest single ‘Honey’ within the first month and signing to a major label. “I was concerned about the second single, but it did way better than we ever thought it would do. We didn’t know what it would do, we already knew what putting out a first single was like, but it was nice that this one got a lot of hype.” Austin continues, “And on tour ‘Honey’ went down really well and people were really going mad for it.”

The track itself was written in one sitting, when Austin and drummer Zach were bored: “I wanted to make a song that was a really upbeat, feel good song, that everyone’s going to remember in the same kind of way, but not to just remember us for that one song, but for our other good songs.”

“I think it’s a long time since a band has just wanted to release such feel good music. It’s just been missing for a while, but it’s coming back. People just seem a bit more depressed over the last year or so, but people are really on the up now. A lot of stuff has just made people realise that the positive is so much better than any negative. Take the London riots, when everybody came together and cleared up together, I think the UK just kind of realised that we don’t have to have all of this negative stuff that’s going on.” He elucidates when it comes to his idea of what it is that has made Swim Deep’s music resonate with so many people; “I don’t know why people like our music, but I think it’s just for the same reason that I like it and want to like it.”

The hotly tipped band for 2013 will be heading into the studio at the turn of the year to record an album, and if the reaction is any where near as strong as to their single – ‘Honey’, their ideal of escaping Birmingham seems to be drawing ever closer.


Jonathan Hatchman

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