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New Music// Fake Club

Considering yourselves to be the “Spice Girls with instruments” is a pretty big quote to make, when you only have a small amount of available recorded material. But somehow Fake Club manage to pull it off, and with their single Do What You Gotta Do being the only available track of theirs on the internet, the London based girl-group are already managing to make quite a name for themselves.

Initiating with a sludgy guitar riff that draws instant reminders to acts such as modern day Rock Gods – Band Of Skulls or The Black Keys, then leading into a gritty, although bubblegum brandished vocal performance, through a verse structure not too dissimilar to The Beatles’ Come Together. Let’s not go comparing Fake Club to the fab four just yet, but their revolutionary spirit and plans to “hijack the industry machine” may just lead them to a cult status of their own.

Jonathan Hatchman

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