New Music / This Is Fake DIY

New Music// BLESSA


Based: Sheffield
Similar To: Deaf Club

With just a couple of readily available tracks to their name, BLESSA are gaining proverbial armfuls of renown and acclaim. They’ve been among our favourites ever since they revealed their ‘Open Fields’ demo back in October.

Their latest offering, ‘Unfurl’, contains a reverberated, shimmering guitar line that accentuates the warm vocals, all amounting to a distinctive chorus, while ‘Open Fields’ – the first track to appear on the band’s revamped Soundcloud page – purveys a darker, more brooding sound. Acoustic arpeggio’s entwine with an almost sinister sounding, laid back groove. The two available tracks appear to deliver a clear insight into what’s yet to come from BLESSA, as they continue to further their cause with ever more gripping, dark pop sounds.

Stream Blessa’s ‘Unfurl’ below:


Jonathan Hatchman

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