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Live// Chapel Club @ Electrowerkz, London


Prior to what you may have already read about Chapel Club’s new material online, there’s no denying that the band’s new sound still appeals to a vast selection of fans. After all, ever since their “comeback” last summer, the five-piece have still managed to sell out the venues that they’ve played in, including their first show of the year at London’s Electrowerkz – with a set comprised of mostly all new songs.

Their set includes familiar tracks such as ‘Sleep Alone’, ‘Scared’ and closer ‘Good Together’, alongside a host of new, falsetto tracks. Working to accentuate Chapel Club’s crossover and departure from in your face guitars – and an astounding poetic nuance – the songs transform into an electronic sample led movement of grooves and hooks that you’d be more likely to find on an R&B record.

However, to please the long-term listeners their time did include numbers such as fan-favourites ‘The Shore’ and perhaps their most famous single ‘All The Eastern Girls’. Chapel Club’s experimental nature may have lost them some fans, but it’s clear to see that their song writing talent is flourishing as they begin to escape their shells and find comfort within their new material

Chapel Club played: 

Sleep Alone
Fruit Machine
Jenny Baby
Force You
Just Kids
All The Easter Girls
The Shore
Good Together

Words & Photo: Jonathan Hatchman

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