This Is Fake DIY

Single// Prince – Screw Driver


“I’m your driver, you’re my screw,” warbles Prince on his first single of this year, after obtaining a Tom Jones haircut and releasing 2012’s ‘Rock N Roll Love Affair’. Provisionally appearing upon a mysterious YouTube account and soon ending up on the artist’s website, the track in itself doesn’t quite live up to Prince’s wonder years. Namely; between 1984’s release of ‘Purple Rain’ and the singer’s unpronounceable name change, prior to breaking away from Warner Brothers. However, it does uphold a bass-line similar to that on Elvis Costello’s ‘Pump It Up’ and the funk element that purveyed the majority of his earlier work. And let’s face it, a demo version of ‘Screw Driver’ has probably been lurking in Prince’s infamous vault for a good few years, after probably falling short of the final cut for 2006’s ‘3121.’

But either way, it comes as a great relief that Prince is still around to show us how it’s done. And if there’s any scope for a new album, let’s just hope that he ends up releasing it properly this time.

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