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New Music// Hints

Hints are Brooklyn’s newest quartet to grasp our attention, having released just a handful of songs, upon a duo of two-tracks titled ‘Vol. I’ and ‘Vol. 2’. The first was released back in November and the second appeared on their Soundcloud page last month, including their greatest work to date – ‘Cher Ami’. Citing influences from acts such as Tears For Fears and Orange Juice – although strong elements of Aztec Camera and even The Smiths can be seen upon the band’s available material – they embody the hedonistic guitar buoyancy of the 1980s alternative crowd, topped off with deep, brooding vocals from Collin Lewis; as seen potently through ‘Solstice’ and ‘Built A Church’. While all that’s needed is a bunch of gladioli and a discerning attitude to have achieved cult status back in ’83.

Imagine if The Drums had exceeded the expectations set by their debut ‘Summertime’ EP, and the final result would most probably sounds incredibly similar to Hints. Providing rousingly laced indie-pop songs with an emphatic uplifting element: it’s just a shame that they didn’t form thirty years ago.


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