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New Music// Lodro


Brooklyn’s newest ‘neo-noir punk’ darlings Lodro are gradually becoming ones to watch for the rest of the year. They’re formed of three-quarters of Royal Baths, with ex-Friendsbassist Leslie Hann taking centre-stage as the band’s vocalist. Her vocals draw a striking contrast to the ‘80s pop diva style of Friends’ Samantha Urbani, drawing closer comparisons to Tom Tom Club’s Tina Weymouth and an early, hipster styled Madonna.

Hann’s vocal range provides a much more sinister edge, think South London’s Drop Out Venus combined with 2:54 or Deaf Club, with the ominous slinking swoons that are seamlessly accentuated by the throbbing bass line of ‘Big Sleep For Alice’ or clasping guitar riff of ‘Bad Heart Part 2’. Two of the mere three recordings available on the band’s Soundcloud page, with the third being ‘Snake Song’ initiate with a shimmering guitar led intro that sees the trio at their darkest, sounding like a villainous incarnation of The Velvet Underground at their dreariest.

It’s fair to say that Lodro won’t be for everyone, but it’s ever-clear that their gloomy brand of punk is something to be admired, as the band go some step further than simply curating a Royal Baths reunion.

Jonathan Hatchman

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