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With the impending release of their debut album ‘Ride Your Heart’, it’s become easy to see the motive behind the buzz surrounding Jennifer and Jessica Clavin’s newest band. Having played in the LA cult group Mika Miko, appreciated for their frenetic live shows, the sisters then parted from the rest of the band to form the less scuzzy outfit Bleached. This new project is like an incarnation of The Ronettes gone wrong. Wonderfully wrong. All their songs are defined by a thick wall of gnarly noise, casting the band into the same fuzz-fuelled class as Wavves, Crocodiles and Dum Dum Girls. It’s all there.

While the choppy guitar riff that permeates latest single ‘Next Stop’ upholds a distinctive grunge element, earlier singles such as ‘You Take Time’ and ‘No Friend Of Mine’ embrace a devil-may-care noise-pop assault. The fast-selling seven-inch run of ‘Carter’, contains the band’s stand-out single ‘Thinking Of You,’ comprising a ramshackle, rumbling guitar riff that wrestles with singer Jennifer Clavin’s grippingly infectious chorus. It’s a commendable achievement: this fusion of sun drenched early 21st Century pop-punk with the brash raucousness of the 1970s’ CBGB’s scene.


Jonathan Hatchman



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