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New Music// Heathers

The U.S, as always, is currently responsible for a huge heap of exciting new music making its way across the pond. You’ve Parquet Courts, Skaters, Drowners, you name it, all from New York. And on the West-Coast DIY faves FIDLAR, recently profiled Bleachedand LA newcomers Heathers are making waves over on the other side. The States are in good health.

Having only formed in October 2012, Heathers, the latest band in question have just one readily available song titled ‘Teenage Clothes’, which is available to download for free over on the group’s Bandcamp page. Encapsulating a crunchy, distorted guitar line that shimmers and shines with glimmers of surf-rock, and gritty garage, there are also room for hints of The Smiths, which manage to sneak in midway through the track. That all stems from the maudlin lyrical anecdotes from Michael Avishay. It’s in contrast to the song’s jaunty, direct approach. And then you’ve the cover art for the single; one that strongly resembles the style of the Mancunian indie icons’ 7” sleeves. Contemporaries are rife, but Heathers are an LA trio with plenty more to give.

Jonathan Hatchman

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