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New Music// Skaters


From the first listen it becomes clear that in contrast to their name, Skaters aren’t the new NoFx or P.O.D, but let’s face it: that’s no bad omen. Drawing in ex-members of the Dead Trees and Dirty Pretty Things, the Brooklyn based trio formulate music rooted in the punk rush of previous, famed eras. They draw comparisons to The Clash from left, right and centre, topped with a sprinkling of The Strokes’ garage-rock grit.

With their debut single ‘Schemers’ they employ crunchy guitar riffs and jittery choruses, all amounting to a distinguishable, indie rock-buoyancy, reminiscent of acts such asFranz Ferdinand or even The Futureheads. It’s all accompanied by a scattershot music video directed by Kelsey Bennett, with the help of Remy Bennett and Monroe Robertson, upholding the aim of resembling a “1980’s acid trip.”

We’re not expecting to catch Skaters on the half-pipes, but we are expecting a whole heap of cult triumph.

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