Album Review// Benga – Chapter II


Superstar DJ, music producer, Dubstep innovator and pop collaborator: Benga has come a long way since his early Big Apple days, before forming Magnetic Man with Skream and Artwork. Now releasing his third solo album, the first since 2008’s Diary Of An Afro Warrior, the artist’s musicianship seems to have progressed exceedingly.

Collaborating with acts such as Youngman, Charli XCX, and Kano – for the pair’s recent Record Store Day release – Forefather, showcasing flashy, urban lyrics from the rapper, above Benga’s now iconic instrumental resonance. While 14 months and 1.5 million YouTube views later, lead single I Will Never Change still seems as fresh as the day it was unveiled, with a whomping bass line and clasping drum beat, personifying a style that is undeniably Benga. Added to the LP’s track list alongside 13 other audio gems, from the minimalist, percussion heavy Click & Tap, to the repetitive synthesizer swoons of To Hell & Back, and pop-chart friendly Smile and emphatic hit of euphoria – Higher. Benga has certainly managed to prove himself, even further, as a credible musician.

Dipping and diving through the world of contemporary dance music, with drops as deep and thrilling as a Niagra Falls log-flume. A coolection of neo-anthems that are sure to fill many a festival tent, this summer.

Benga’s Chapter II will be released on Monday, May 6th, via Columbia Records: pre-order it here.

Jonathan Hatchman

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