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Single// Arrows Of Love – The Knife


In the lead up to the band’s jaunt down to Brighton for their set at this year’s Great Escape, London’s Arrows of Love have unveiled the video for their new single – The Knife, a previous live favourite from the band’s riotous live sets. Initiating with the solemn, restrained sound that would have, perhaps, been expected taking place within the setting of a place of worship. Loaded with a distinct element of distressing melancholia, not dissimilar to the tone purveyed by The Velvet Underground, via the band’s 1967 debut album, yet seasoned with the defining elements of punk, grunge and heavy rock music.

While towards the single’s finale, a pounding bass drum engages an emphatic breakdown of flailing punk tinged raucousness that sends the previous three-minutes swirling into a pit of insignificance, as weighed against the track’s climatic conclusion. Continuing to prove the band as a credible rock act, in the build up to September’s release of Arrows of Love’s debut album Everything’s Fucked.


The Knife will be released on June 3rd.


Words & Thoughts of Jonathan Hatchman

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