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7 Of The Best: Guitar Solos

Jimi Hendrix

Whether he was playing the National Anthem with his teeth, igniting his guitar on stage, or ploughing his way through a heavenly solo composition upon his six-stringed weapon of choice: Jimi Hendrix was always coming up with new methods of shocking, and impressing, a world that was less awakened to electric guitar wizardry, or today’s ensemble of special effects, auto-tune, and computer programming.

Managing to play a huge part in paving the way for a whole new wave of future musicians that would rely on their guitars to make waves upon the music scene, having become widely renowned as one of the most influential guitarists of all time.

So with forty-five years having passed since the release of Hendrix’s final masterpiece ‘Electric Ladyland’ – released in October 1968 – Clash has compiled an alternative guide guide to seven guitar solos that shook the Earth. We all know that Slash and Jimmy Page can shred relentlessly, so our selections aren’t necessarily the most intricate, expertly executed compositions of erratically dancing finger tips or string destroying show-off pieces that stand up to Steve Vai or Joe Satriani. But they’re certainly worth a mention, for their energy, potency, and notability – after all of these years.

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